Bill Jones | United Way of Wyoming Valley
Bill Jones

Bill Jones

President and Chief Executive Officer

Bill was born and raised in the Wyoming Valley and his passion for the community could not be more evident. Before joining the United Way of Wyoming Valley, Bill was an executive at a statewide social services agency. “While I really loved that work, being the president and CEO of United Way of Wyoming Valley seemed to me to be a much bigger platform to serve the community I will always call home,” he said.

Bill works closely with the organization’s governing body, its board of directors, to set the vision. That’s the easy part. Then comes the hard part: making the vision happen. “Our work is hard to measure year over year, but over time, I believe we are changing lives,” he said. “The futures of children will be different because of the work we are doing today, and it is possible that the impact could be felt for generations. To me, our work is both aspirational and inspirational.”

During the off hours, you can find Bill relaxing at home by the firepit or browsing antique shops for hidden treasures. He has a growing collection of vintage milk bottles from local dairies and a collection of advertising yardsticks from Wyoming Valley businesses. He also enjoys restoring furniture, writing, and spending any time he can with his family.