United Way of Wyoming Valley Impact Councils

United Way of Wyoming Valley Impact Councils

United Way of Wyoming Valley Impact Councils identify needs and improvement strategies for the community in the areas of Education, Income, Health, and Safety Net.

Impact Council volunteers represent United Way donors, clients and partners in the process of identifying and achieving the results necessary to address Wyoming Valley's most critical human service needs. Impact Council volunteers actively engage in a range of activities designed to create community impact around a broad set of community goals and more specific community objectives, all of which support the overall mission of United Way to reduce the number of children and families living in poverty in Wyoming Valley.

Volunteer members of United Way Community Impact Councils

  • Determine, with community input, the vision, goals and community-level outcomes for United Way and its partners.
  • Develop objectives and strategies for meeting United Way's assigned goals.
  • Decide community-level measurements (with an emphasis on outcomes) and reporting mechanisms for goals, and evaluate results regularly.
  • Advise process for assessing community needs and assets.
  • Recommend short- and long-term investments for United Way grant funding.


Participation in the United Way's Community Investment Committee provides volunteers with a unique opportunity to learn more about their community and make critical decisions on how the money raised during the United Way's Annual Campaign will be distributed to Wyoming Valley health and human service agencies.

Investment Committee volunteers participate in one of four panels that evaluate a specific focus area. The fields include Education, Income, Health and Safety Net. Comprised entirely of concerned community members, the United Way's Community Investment Committee is responsible for evaluating various agency programs that are available in Wyoming Valley and making funding recommendations to support these programs. The Community Investment Committee's recommendations are made to the United Way of Wyoming Valley's Board of Directors annually in May.

For more information, or to volunteer, contact Kendra Radle, Director of Community Investment, at (570) 829-6711 extension 1235 or KRadle@unitedwaywb.org