Do me a favor: Think of four children you know. From babies to teens, picture their faces and how optimistic and full of promise they are.

Now, let’s address this reality: In Luzerne County, one in three children under the age of 5 are living below the poverty line. For children under age 18, it's still a soaring 25.3%. Since 2000, the poverty rate for all children in Luzerne County has doubled.

We can’t leave one child behind. In 2019, United Way of Wyoming Valley invested $855,562.00 in a wide variety of educational programs through donations from real people like you.

But we can, and must do more. Now more than ever, we need your investments to help get our students back on track in school to ensure they perform well and are ready to succeed in life. If we are not proactive, years from now we will refer to “COVID Kids” – millions of American students whose education slid backwards because of the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 – and whose lives were seriously affected.

Please donate to United Way of Wyoming Valley today.

We are stronger together; that’s how we can and will rebuild a more resilient community for all.
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